About Us

Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson (CEO) Charles is currently lecturing, and conducting meetups in multiple cities on the importance of Dot.Money, Cryptocurrencies, Block Chain/HH/DAG Technology, and Smart Contracts for the future. Charles is an applications developer, Certified Block Chain Expert CBE, Ethereum/HH Solidity Developer, Cryptocurrency Advisor, and is an implementer of servers, computer networks, and cyber security. Charles has 25 years of software development experience, having worked for 3 of the top 10 software companies in the world, IBM, CA Technologies, and BMC Software. Charles’ website for crypto related projects and videos is www.1Dot.Money.  


Peter Kuo

Peter Kuo (COO) Peter is an advisor to Andra Capital, the CEO of DCLC International Group (a custom airplane manufacturer) and the Executive Director of the Venture Capital Roundtable, Silicon Valley. Peter is also an Insurance Veteran with Farmers Insurance for over 25 years, owning his own agency. Peter’s website is www.vcr-sv.com. 


Why We Exist


JDX Coin exists to monetize rare, White Jade Antiques that have been hidden from the world for over a century. JDX’s goal is to become the world standard, most secure, asset-backed stable token that will compete with Visa and one that people can trust for their savings as well as for their day-to-day transactions.